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Registered Veterinary Technician

Christie’s devotion to helping animals is as strong today as it ever has been. She attributes her lifetime passion of helping animals to a neighbor. When she was a young girl, her neighbor allowed Christie to follow her around watching her treat and care for her many cats and horses. Christie is a graduate of the Maple Woods Veterinary Technician program.

Upon graduating from the technician program, she worked locally before joining Ark in 1996. She is truly grateful to be a part of such an amazing team here and enjoys the variety that comes with this profession.

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When you need help Christie’s training and experience can be counted on to get your loved ones back to health. She is a vital extension of the total team approach to your pet’s care.

Christie is a lifelong Kansas City resident. When not at work, Christie enjoys spending time with friends and family, photography and traveling. Christie found her cat Gilligan just outside her house. Gilligan begrudgingly shares his space with Skylar, a Poodle mix. Christie cannot imagine not being greeted by these characters when she arrives home.


Registered Veterinary Technician

Even as a young child, Anna knew that she wanted to work with animals. She grew up on a farm that included cattle, horses, pigs, goats, chickens, and many barn cats. Her mission as a child was to tame all the barn cats and give them all names.

Her passion for animals led Anna to the veterinary field in 2007. Anna attended Maple Woods Community College and graduated with a degree in veterinary technology.  Anna began her career at Ark Animal Hospital as a registered veterinary technician in 2015.

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Since joining the team at Ark, Anna has developed a special interest in canine physical rehabilitation, as well as continued interests in emergency medicine and wellness care. You will often find her in our rehabilitation room, leading dogs through strengthening exercises and managing the underwater treadmill.


Registered Veterinary Technician

Ruby’s passion for helping animals blossomed when she was a little girl who took in strays. In return for a home and food, her kindness was rewarded with unconditional love. What more could you ask for? She would curiously watch veterinarians do their exams on her pets and she decided to be just like them. Through the college years, Ruby discovered becoming a Veterinary Technician was her true calling. This landed her at Maple Woods Community College where she attended their Veterinary Technology program. She proudly graduated in 2015 with her Associate’s in Applied Science. Eager and determined to expand her skill set, she found a welcoming opportunity at Ark this past September.

In her free time, Ruby enjoys snuggling up to a good book or pizza or both! Family, friends, and animals are her foundation and motivation. She considers dancing to be an amazing stress reliever and lets the music melt away her worries.

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Ruby is the biggest cheerleader for her son, Ricky, in his current fight with Leukemia. She also has another son and daughter, Damien and Amoriana. Congratulations to her recent engagement with Roberto and gaining two bonus daughters, Alexis and Adriana. To finish rounding out her awesome family, she has two rats named Ducati and Diablo, and a cat named Dave The Baconator. (Who was rescued in a Wendy’s drive-thru!)


Registered Veterinary Technician

Alanna’s passion for working with animals started when she was a young girl on her family farm. Her parents had trouble keeping her out of the barn and would find her asleep with various animals growing up. She did numerous shows with sheep and pigs until the age of eighteen.

This deep-rooted love for animals led Alanna to the Veterinary field in 2009. Alanna attended Maple Woods Community College and graduated with a degree in veterinary technology. Alanna began her career at Ark Animal Hospital as a registered veterinary technician in 2021. Alanna has a special interest in sonography and patient care.

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In her spare time Alanna and her husband Derrick enjoy camping, fishing, and helping around her family farm. Alanna and Derrick welcomed their first child in August of 2022. Alanna has a standard schnauzer at home named Boeing. Boeing is a couch potato that loves snuggling and dental treats.

Dana T.

Veterinary Technician

Dana has always loved animals since she was a child. She attended the summer camp Maple Woods Community College held at the Veterinary Technology building that introduced her to the veterinary field. In high school Dana enjoyed several biology subjects and decided that she wanted to go to college to study biology in more depth. She attended Truman State University and graduated in 2017 with a Bachelor’s degree in Biology. Dana considered pursuing a Master’s degree or becoming a genetic counselor, but she kept coming back to her love of animals and wanting a career that allowed her to help them. She decided to go back to school and attend Maple Woods’ Veterinary Technology program. She graduated from their program in 2021 and became a registered veterinary technician.

Dana joined the veterinary team at Ark Animal Hospital as an RVT in February 2023 and couldn’t be happier. She gets to spend each day taking care of cats and dogs with people who love animals as much as she does. Dana especially enjoys anesthesia and surgery. She is interested in learning more about emergency and critical care and one day she would like to specialize.

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Dana married her college sweetheart, Ian, in October 2022 and they live together with their fur baby, Juniper, who she met at Maple Woods’ Veterinary Technology program. When she is not taking care of animals Dana is spending time with her family and friends, reading, or traveling.


Medical Staff

Katie grew up with a love and passion for all animals. Her family always included a cat or two and several Golden Retrievers. From a very young age, Katie knew she wanted to work with animals. At the age of 5, Katie began riding horses and the rest, as they say, was history.Her passion for horses led her to earn her Bachelor’s degree in equine science at Colorado State University. After graduating from CSU, Katie found a technician job at a local small animal practice. It was there that she truly developed a passion for small animal medicine.

Katie and her husband, Andrew, moved to Liberty from Colorado in April of 2019 and she joined the team at Ark in February of 2020. Katie and Andrew share their home with four dogs, Lana, Nitro, Kelce and Latte, and two cats; Monster and Hoodoo.

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Katie’s true passion lies in working dogs. She trains and competes in schutzhund, a breed suitability test created specifically for the German Shepherd Dog. She is currently training Kelce and Latte and working towards their future title goals. Andrew dabbles in the sport with Nitro, Latte’s half brother. Katie also enjoys hiking, camping, reading and cooking in her free time.


Medical Staff

For as long as I can remember, I have always had such a tremendous passion for animals. They have my entire heart. Getting involved in rescue and medicine was an easy decision to make. I love seeing the progress animals make whether it’s medically or behaviorally; and getting the opportunity to play a part in that and witness it firsthand is such a treasure. About a year ago, I got the honor of doing Freedom Drives for Always and Furever, which is my favorite little red barn on earth, and they are the reason I got so passionate about rescue. Just recently I got accepted into Outreach and have joined them in assisting families who need a little extra help providing for their pets, and there is nothing more rewarding. Interacting with animals has always felt so raw and wholesome to me.

Growing up, my parents continually told me that I had a gift with animals. I would always try to communicate or bond with any animal I came across, I wanted to be that person that they could trust. Working with animals is nothing short of a blessing, and along the way it has taught me an abundance of empathy and patience. At home, I have the sweetest Pitbull named Wanda, a Siamese cat named Chicken, and a Chihuahua named Ducky; they are my pride and joy. I have never loved anything more. When I’m not working, I enjoy exercising, writing, and taking photos. I’m also a major coffee connoisseur.

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In 2019 I went skydiving and instantly fell in love with the adrenaline rush. Since then I created a bucket list full of things that terrify me so I can continue pushing my limits and forcing myself outside of my comfort zone. I am very adamant on completing every single thing on my bucket list, as well as traveling the world as much as I possibly can. In the future, I plan on becoming a registered technician to further my knowledge in this field and allow my passion to completely blossom.


Medical Staff

Growing up Sheika never had a pet of her own, so she would find herself feeding the stray cats that would roam around my neighborhood. Something about helping them in their time of need gave her a sense of comfort. One of her family members owned a farm, and though she rarely got to visit them, she remembered spending most of her days watching and playing with their farm animals. Her passion for animals grew ever since.

Her working relationship with animals started in high school where she was part of the veterinary assisting course for four years. During the time, she volunteered at an animal hospital and participated in various animal related events, while also dedicating some of her time in helping greyhounds get adopted. Sheika then got her first job as an assistant at an animal hospital during my senior year of high school.

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Sheika is originally from Palm Beach County, Florida, but moved to Kansas City, Missouri during the summer of 2020. She is currently attend the University of Missouri-Kansas City as a biology major. At home she has only one pet cat named Ash who she considers her best friend. During her free time, she enjoys roller skating and spending time with family and friends!


Medical Staff

Despite being allergic to them, Kaylie has always grown up with dogs, and only until recently, cats. You know you’re an animal lover when you work with what you’re allergic to! Her aunt molded her into a cat lover at a young age, which then turned into a passion for all creatures big and small. When Kaylie was 12 she wanted to be an animal cop and knew that she wanted to work with animals in some capacity. With PetSmart as her first job, she ended up bringing work home in no time.

This helped land her in the veterinary field and she has never wanted to turn back! Kaylie’s passion is assisting with surgery and she strives to be a jack of all trades.

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Kaylie has two cats, Binx and Frankie, and a ball python, Dexter. Bella, a beagle/dachshund mix, has recently joined the pack! When not at work, Kaylie enjoys playing video games, reading, going on runs, and occasionally dabbling in watercolor. She is a native Texan but she considers Missouri her home now.

Dana M.


Dana played veterinarian as a child. She transformed the bathroom into an exam room complete with a sign “The Doctor is In”. Dana showed love and compassion to all animals by taking in injured and orphaned puppies, kittens, birds, turtles, squirrels and bunnies, caring for them till they could return to normal life activities.

Dana received her associate’s degree from Maple Woods Community College. She worked her way up from kennel attendant to receptionist and Financial Services Manager. She has also completed the requirements to participate in Delta Society and R.E.A.D. programs.

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This allows her to visit people in care facilities and encourage children with their reading. If you need anything, Dana is ready with a servant’s heart.

She is involved with all areas at Ark. She enjoys working with a team of like-minded individuals that want the very best for their own pets and clients pets. She wants to make a difference in each pet’s life. It is her deepest desire to educate others in how to better the life of God’s creatures. She enjoys spending time with friends and family, fellowshipping at Avondale Baptist Church, singing in the choir, and leading music at City Union Mission. Other interests include Rodeo, fishing/boating, outdoor work and traveling.

Dana Shares her home with Clawdia, Gracie, Tom and Jerry. Clawdia is a three legged cat that has personality plus, enjoys the screened in porch and wrestling with her 4 legged family members. Gracie is a vibrant Boston Terrier that enjoys day care at Ark with her Bff’s and road trips. Tom and Jerry were born here at the clinic and bring lots of joy to Dana’s life.


Pet Care Advisor

Jenna was born and raised here in Kansas City. Growing up she loved all animals and insects and will never forget when she finally got her very first pet, a lizard she named Spike. In 2001 Jenna’s family rescued a stray dog that lived in downtown KCMO, who they named Lizzy, and her life was changed forever! After graduating from Liberty High School in 2015 she has enjoyed exploring different career paths, focusing on caring for people, children, and now pets.

Although her love for things with exoskeletons and many legs has changed, she cannot imagine her life without furry friends. Jenna has 4 dogs, Lyla a Shih Tzu, Honey a Mastiff mix, Gracie a Terrier mix, and her newest addition Beesly who is a mixed breed. Her favorite thing is coming home to kisses, wagging tails, and lots of barking.

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In her free time, Jenna enjoys spending time with her friends and family, baking and cooking, movies, and reading.


Pet Care Advisor

Kara grew up in Topeka Kansas with three sisters and a variety of family pets ranging from guinea pigs to Arabian horses! There was never a dull moment growing up! Kara has had a love for taking care of animals ever since she can remember at the age of two. This love for animals helped Kara in her younger years to overcome extreme shyness. She remembers her schnauzer Gretchen, as her best friend who was always there for her.

Kara comes from a background in Property Management, helping people find the perfect place to call home. Recently, she decided to make a career change and combine her enthusiasm and love for helping both people and animals. Kara is one of Ark’s Pet Care Advisors, assisting clients with making the best wellness decisions for their pets’ overall health.

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Kara currently lives in Smithville with four horses; Shot of Cuervo, Cowboy Junkie, Painted Daisy and Wildheart, four dogs; Muncie, Hollywood, Dolly and Lina, three cats; Tiger Lily, Doppler Radar and Fostoria and her supportive husband, Doug! Kara’s #1 passion is caring for this menagerie, many of them rescues and in their golden years. Kara enjoys spending time outdoors, riding her horse on the trail, four wheeling, planting flowers, being on the lake and enjoying time spent laughing with family members and friends.


Pet Care Advisor

Alyssa grew up on farm about an hour outside of the Kansas City area. Her closest neighbors were always a few miles out, so when she was not begging her parents to drive her into town to spend time with friends, she would spend her days outside with all her animal friends. Over the years she a wide range of pets: cats, dogs, rabbits, hamsters, chickens, ducks, goats, a turkey, and even a miniature pot belly pig. Some of her most fond memories as a child were with her dog Benji. Benji was a stray dog that wandered up to her house one day. It took some time, but she won his trust and they became the best of friends. He was her adventure buddy; they would spend their days exploring the surrounding woods and playing in the creeks. Alyssa would even write short stories of their adventures and share them with her class at school. Benji was such a loyal friendly dog, that every day he would wait for her at the end of her long drive way to get off the school bus. That wonderful companion along with all her other pets would help shape her into who she is today. When Alyssa sees an animal she not only sees a friend, but a unique personality capable of so many emotions and a beautiful soul.

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Alyssa came to Ark Animal Hospital after spending 14 years working in logistics in the automotive industry. It was there that she met the love of her life, her husband Zane. Alyssa and Zane met in 2007 and were married in 2010. He is her number one supporter and best friend.  While she was grateful for all the experience and knowledge she had gained from the automotive business, something was missing. She longed to have a more meaningful career that involved working with people and their pets. When Alyssa had the opportunity to join Ark as a Pet Care Advisor, she was overjoyed and knew it was exactly what she had been missing in her life. Her extreme love for animals and ability to relate to people, understanding their feelings for their pets, would finally be put to good use.

In Alyssa’s free time she loves spending time with her husband and family. She has 3 wonderful pets: a rescue dog named Frankenstein Sinatra, a rescue cat named Fritz Igor, both adopted from The Animal Rescue Alliance (T.A.R.A), and a sweet little bunny named Buster. Alyssa also has a passion for photography and loves doing family photo shoots in her spare time. She also loves traveling all over and taking photos, but her favorite place on earth is Colorado. Her dog Frank loves to tag along and hike all over the mountains. He is very patient with her as she stops to take a million photos. If you get to know Alyssa it won’t take long to know what’s most important to her; faith, family, and of course all of God’s creatures.


Pet Care Advisor

Natlie is originally from northern California, where she grew up on her Grandparents farm. It was awesome seeing a diverse group of animals! That experience has also motivated her to have a farm of her own someday with lots of cow’s (or what she likes to call Moo Moo’s!). For now, Natalie is a proud cat mama to an adorable tortie named Cali who is obsessed with one toy and is filled with sassy attitude.

She has been in love with Cali since day one! Natalie has had many career changes but working at Ark Animal Hospital has really been a dream come true and she believes to have found the place she would like to spend the rest of my life at.

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She enjoys working with her team members and loves being able to see and help all the fur babies and their parents! Natalie is so excited for this chapter in her life, and the one that will follow.


Pet Care Advisor

From elementary-age Keli has loved and cared for any animal she met. She rescued a poodle from the local shelter and had a rabbit. Those were her forever pets, but she was also known to take in all sorts of stray animals, even squirrels and birds! She has always felt drawn to animals.

For a couple years Keli ran an animal shelter in the St. Louis area. It was there that a desire to learn how to rehabilitate dogs to be happy obedient pets began. More recently Keli volunteered at an alpaca farm working with horses. This was a life-long dream to be able to spend time with horse face to face. She loved being able to teach them to trust people, learn to be ridden and overcome traumas. Now, Keli is excited to be a member of the Ark Animal family.

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She is excited to get to show your pets the love they deserve. Her faith and family are most important in her life. In her free time, she enjoys painting, photography, and cooking as well as spending time with her family.


Kennel Manager

Bio coming soon!