Our Veterinarians

Dr. Jeff Denny, DVM, CCRP, CVPP

Veterinarian – Owner

Dr. Denny’s lifelong commitment to protect animals and to help those who love them began from the sadness of an eight year old when he lost a dear animal friend. From that grief sprang forth an intense desire to learn all he could to heal animals and safeguard children from the loss he had experienced. Since that moment as an eight year old he has never wavered on his decision to help people fully enjoy their pets.

To accomplish his childhood dream he graduated from the University of Missouri with a DVM in 1987. In 1991 he returned home to work in Liberty with Dr. Bales, his family veterinarian when he was that little boy. They worked together until Dr. Bales retired in 1995. Dr. Denny then became the owner of Bales Animal Hospital, which was the continuation of the first veterinarian in Liberty. The first hospital’s address was in the basement under the drugstore on the square of Liberty. In 2002, the hospital was moved to a new location and renamed Ark Animal Hospital.

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The phone number is still the original phone number that is over 85 years old. Dr. Denny wants your pet to stay healthy, which is why he has a special interest in preventative medicine. To keep your dog or cat happy, he has extra training in internal medicine, skin and ear diseases, diagnostic ultrasound, dentistry and advanced surgery. If there is a new way to help you and your pet he is committed to finding it.

That’s why one of his professional goals is lifelong learning and improvement. Outside of the office he is celebrating the twenty-eighth year of marriage to his wife Linda. She is a first grade teacher at Faith Christian Academy. They have two girls, Danielle and Jacqueline. Danielle graduated from Wheaton College and is teaching English as a second language in Mississippi. Jacqueline is at Lindenwood University in St. Charles, Mo. His family worships at Faith Community Church.

He enjoys personal fitness, hiking, triathlons and cycling. Precious, a Jack Russell Terrier, rounds out Dr. Denny’s family. Precious is always waiting in the window for Dr. Denny’s return. She is not there the whole day (the couch is much more comfortable) but somehow she senses his arrival minutes before his truck pulls in. She watches from the window then runs to the back door to greet him and makes him feel like the most important person in the world. Dr. Denny’s life would not be the same without the thousands of laughs and heartwarming “Precious” moments.

Dr. Cole Tucker, DVM

Veterinarian – Owner

Dr. Tucker knew he wanted to work with animals early in life. As a young teenager, he brought home his first dog, only to be devastated when his new best friend was diagnosed with Parvovirus.

With the guidance of the family veterinarian and a “not-give-up-attitude” he provided around-the-clock nursing and loving care. Over the next three days they fought this life-threatening condition together. She survived, their bond was cemented, and she became the most loyal companion one could ever hope to have in life. She took part in every milestone in the Tucker household for the next 10 years. She endured the long road through college and veterinary school, moved to three states, and always kept tabs on the growing family.

Dr. Tucker worked in many vet clinics in several different positions on his path to becoming a veterinarian. He started part-time as kennel staff for his family’s veterinarian in South Dakota before high school. In college, he worked nights as an emergency veterinary assistant. Dr. Tucker completed his undergraduate work at Colorado State University and South Dakota State University. After moving to Iowa for veterinary school, he continued to work at a clinic as a veterinary assistant. He received his DVM from Iowa State University.

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Although Dr. Tucker enjoyed his veterinary training at Iowa State University, his favorite part of becoming a veterinarian is interacting with clients, guiding them through any difficulties, and providing gold-standard medicine. Dr. Tucker’s special interests are surgery and internal medicine. He can guide you and your best friend through a knee surgery or a challenging case of diabetes. His constant goal is for your pet to be happy, pain-free, and as comfortable as possible.

Dr. Tucker comes home to a very full house at the end of the day! He and his wife, Naomi, have 3 wonderful children; their oldest daughter, Katie, loves to play with the two family cats, Bandit and Duke. Their middle son, Ty, favors the household’s pups Iris and Ruby. Their youngest, Wyatt, is fascinated with all sorts of wildlife!

During Dr. Tucker’s free time, he enjoys rock climbing, backpacking, kayaking, and other outdoor activities. He hopes to become a volunteer track coach for students in the area. As a collegiate runner for a Division 1 school, fitness and competition have always been one of his passions. During his athletic career, he had the opportunity to compete at dozens of stadiums in 17 different states! He credits the dedication he learned from athletics for helping him keep focused on his education, work, and family life.

Dr. Jaimie Casey, DVM


Dr. Jaimie Casey unlike many other vets did not know from an early age that she wanted to work with animals; she figured that out mid way through her college career. Her decision to be a veterinarian was based on her love of science, a talent for working with small details and the relationships she had fostered with her family pets. She realized that being a veterinarian meant helping people hold onto their beloved family pets even longer.

She started out in the veterinary field as an assistant for a clinic in rural west side of Michigan. After graduation from undergrad she worked as a veterinary technician near her home town in Michigan. In 2019, she graduated from the University of Missouri with her DVM, and the following year, worked in Kirksville MO caring for both large and small animals. She moved to the Kansas City area to live with her newly wed husband in 2020.

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Since then, she has had the pleasure of working with pets and families in the Kansas City area. In her free time she loves to rival her husband and friends in everything from video games to target shooting. Her passions include everything that use her detail mindset (crafts, photography, gardening) and her sense of adventure (camping, horseback riding, and motorcycle riding). She also loves spoiling her own dog Strider, the best Great Dane ever.

Dr. Casey looks forward to meeting you and your family to help care for your pet in the best way possible!

Dr. Chris Morrow, DVM


Dr. Chris Morrow grew up on a hobby farm at Lake of the Ozarks. On the farm he found great joy in interacting with the animals and found he enjoyed taking care of the animals who needed a caring hand. He started working with his family veterinarian as a kennel attendant when he was 15 years old, and he has not left the veterinary field since. In 1996, he earned his veterinary degree from the University of Missouri. Go Tigers!!!

Dr. Morrow is married to his college sweetheart, Debbie. Their family consists of 9 wonderful children, 1 daughter-in-law, 5 dogs, 1 cat, and numerous chickens and ducks. Dr. Morrow and Debbie enjoy informing families of the joys of adoption as they have adopted their youngest 7 children from Guatemala, South Korea, Ethiopia, and China. In his free time, Dr. Morrow enjoys family activities such as camping, hiking, boating, and going to the movies.

Dr. Morrow is a member of the Kansas City Veterinary Medical Association, American Animal Hospital Association, American Veterinary Medical Association, and the Missouri Veterinary Medical Association. His personal mission statement is to provide the best care for animals by working with the pet, the pet’s family, his medical team, and God.

Dr. Andrew Rambo, DVM


Dr. Andrew Rambo was born and raised in Independence, Missouri. His parents fostered a strong relationship with nature and the importance of all animals in our world. After showing a strong interest in wildlife biology at Northwest Missouri State University, he decided to pursue a career in veterinary medicine instead. It wasn’t enough for him to just understand the behaviors and ecology of animals, he had to understand how they worked on the inside as well.

Dr. Rambo graduated from the University of Missouri-Columbia in 1996 and returned to Kansas City with his wife Joy, and twin daughters to start his career in veterinary medicine. His special interest was in exotic and ‘pocket pets’ that were often overlooked. From the smallest mouse to the more intimidating boa constrictor and every other furry and scaly creature in between, Dr. Rambo is committed to providing them with just as much attention and compassion as traditional fur babies. With over 25 years of caring for pets in the Northland, Dr. Rambo is excited to continue working to help pets of all kinds while at Ark.

During his free time, Dr. Rambo enjoys traveling across the country with his wife, watching movies with his daughters, relaxing with video games, diving into pop culture, and doing many other things that would easily label him ‘nerdy’. Though his daughters have a place of their own now, he’s still greeted with the pitter-patter of little feet when he gets home in the form of his cat “Nigel” and his dog “Jake from State Farm”.