Preventative Care

There’s an old saying: “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”

This concept can be applied to keeping our animal companions healthy and happy. At Ark Animal Hospital, we believe that a commitment to preventative care is the best gift you could give to your pet. Routine wellness visits allow us to not only keep up with your pet’s current health, but they also provide the opportunity to identify and address any potential problems as they arise, before they can develop into something more serious. Early detection of disease can greatly improve the quality and length of your pet’s life.

The preventative care services provided to patients of Ark Animal Hospital include everything to help your animal companion enjoy a long, happy healthy life. This includes annual or semi-annual physical examinations, customized vaccination plans, parasite prevention and control, nutritional counseling, weight management and any diagnostic testing our doctors may deem necessary to manage and monitor your pet’s overall health and wellbeing.

In addition to the medical aspect of preventative visits, we also use this time to get to know you and your pet better and to forge a lifelong, trusting bond. We’ll ask you questions about your pet’s behavior, habits and lifestyle at home, and invite you to ask us questions as well. Our goal is to develop a preventative care plan that will serve the unique needs of your particular pet so that we can ensure that he or she receives the best possible care throughout his or her lifetime.